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Which mat is perfect for you or your favourite little yogi? 

1. Kids Yoga Mats - Our signature kids yoga mats are tailored to your little yogis: 30 cm smaller and lighter than standard yoga mats, foldable in a cute tote bag that fits in a kids backpack, machine washable, easily storable and super soft so they enjoy their versions of yoga and play to the fullest. 

2. Foldable Mats - Our foldable mats are the standard length of 183 cm but much lighter than standard yoga mats as they are only 1.5 mm thick. For your commute or on the go, they can be folded in a cute little tote bag that fits in your handbag or laptop bag. They can also conveniently be used for traveling. These mats are also machine washable, so you can take them to the studio as a cover on a studio mat and give them a deep cleaning after an intense yoga session. 

3. Premium Yoga Mats - Our premium yoga mats are standard yoga mats of 183 cm and have a comfortable thickness of 3.5 mm, perfect for at home practice or in your favourite studio. They come with a sand-coloured cotton carrier strap. 

4. Limited Edition Luxury Line - Our luxury yoga mats have that extra little glam with a rose velvet carrier strap. The strap gives the mat a unique look and feel and makes it comfortable to commute to the studio or your favourite coffee place after a yoga session. They are 183 cm long, super soft, and have a comfortable thickness of 3.5 mm. You will never want to be on another yoga mat. 

We are more than happy to assist you with what works best for you and your favourite little yogis to perfectly match your style!

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