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Hi - I'm Isabella  - an international 350h YTT yoga teacher from Switzerland with many miles traveled and places called my home. A born lover of motion, yoga found me over 13 years ago, in my search to invite mental peace and embodiment into my life. My curiosity for movement patterns led me to many styles of yoga, from Hatha to Iyengar to Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga, and several years of Ashtanga practice. I found my resonance and deeper teachings in “Bhakti Prema Vinyasa Yoga”, which unites the yoga of devotion (bhakti) and universal love (prema) with transformational somatic vinyasa flows. It merges traditional practices including rituals, devotion to hindu deities and mantra chanting (kirtan) with modern postural yoga and cultivates a functional approach to body control and flexibility. 

As we do in person, my practice and teachings continuously evolve and grow; where I am currently dedicating myself to kirtan, kriyas and embodied female awakening.


It is my objective to share with my community integrated organic movement, the alignment of breath and motion, and to create the space to access intuition and clarity through physical, mental and energetic bodies. The key pillars of my teachings are 

  • embodied, functional yoga flow fostering transformation and somatic awareness, 

  • breath as the key element to movement and meditation

  • integration of postural practice with hindu devotion, philosophy and tradition


I strongly believe in the transformational power of yoga as it has proven essential to my own recovery from eating disorders and burn out. It has helped me to authentically surrender to the wholeness of the human experience embracing both shadow and light and growing to a healthier and happier version of myself. I’m dedicated to sharing these tools which have enabled me to cultivate my own intuition and the sensory and energetic relationships of body, mind and consciousness. 


The more I learn through teaching children's yoga, the further inspired I become. Growing up on the East Coast of the United States, dance and acrobatics have always been at the core of everything I have enjoyed. As a child and young adult, I competed nationally in acrobatics, jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, and ballroom. I then taught children's dance classes and became a Zumba instructor when I moved to California in 2008. Professionally, I am a licensed Speech Pathologist in the United States and always look for ways to help my students through movement.


After my family and I relocated to Switzerland in 2018, I was introduced to children's yoga. As a lifelong dancer, educator, and mother of two young boys, I have been completely inspired to teach children's yoga, to encourage practice at home, and to increase awareness of the benefits yoga has on the rising generation. 


My goal is to create classes that aim to support and benefit each and every student by nurturing physical and mental health, increasing emotional development and awareness, encouraging mindfulness, supporting inter/intra personal skill development, adding a dash of ukulele music, and sprinkling in some foundations of ballet with flow sequences.


I have received my certification of completion for teaching kids yoga, through Greville Henwood RYT with Yoga Alliance. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

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Selina Berni

Yoga is where I find back to myself. Where I find balance and a deep connection to a natural stillness within. It feels like home, a place I wish for everyone to discover and connect to. And that is, ultimately, why I love to share the teachings of Yoga. These teachings invite us on a journey, on and off the mat, different every day. A journey of love, expansion and remembering.

I was first acquainted with Yoga over 12 years ago when a friend asked if I’d come to a class with her. And it felt so natural, it felt like home. My yoga path has since taken me to explore, learn and practice many different styles and traditions. It has lead me deeper and deeper into a practice of mindfulness - whether I move or be still - the breath and a loving awareness are my anchor for practicing and teaching. I’ve trained in Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga as well as in the Tantric Hatha Yoga tradition. I love to teach classes that are well balanced, with elements of grounding and uplifting, of strength and softening. The focus is on breath awareness and moving with love and care. An invitation to connect to our natural stillness within.

liuna yoga

Everything happens in its divine time.

It was November 2012 the first time I attended a Yoga class. I was into running and all types of cardio sports back then and had really no idea what Yoga was. About eight minutes into class, I remember thinking to myself: “What kind of workout is this for Christ’s sake? Never in my life again!” With much struggle I managed to finish the class and sure enough I did not want to hear about Yoga for the next 8 years, not until I finally understood that Yoga is not a “work-out” at all, it’s actually a “work-in”. From that moment everything started changing in my life with the speed of light: I became obsessed with Yoga, I began practicing it daily and shortly after I became a Yoga teacher and started teaching Yoga to everyone who was curious enough to give it a try. I wanted to inspire as many people as possible to see Yoga not only as a physical activity but as a real lifestyle. 

Karma Yoga is my path of Yoga. As an Iridologist and Detox specialist, once I become a certified Yoga teacher, I decided to apply Yoga as an integrative tool to my protocols aimed to heal or reverse different medical conditions of my clients. I love tailoring the flows and asana sequences according to everyone’s needs on a physical as well as spiritual level. I adore transmitting the philosophy of Yoga through asanas. I am passionate about Chakras and work constantly on balancing them in my own practice as well as in the practice of my students.

My favorite posture is Sirsasana – not only does this asana help increase your focus and concentration, but also encourages you to see the World and life from a completely different prospective.

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